Successful businesses have applied Lean & Six Sigma strategies for many years to grow revenues, increase cash flow and reduce costs.

Enterprise Ireland have launched a Lean Business Offer aiming to encourage clients to adopt and embed lean business principles in their organisation.

ETAC are on the Enterprise Ireland directory of service providers. Our team have developed LeanStart (up to €5000 grant of €6300 cost), LeanPlus (up to 50% of costs up to €75,000) and LeanTransform (up to 50% of costs of over €100,000) programmes from our years of experience implementing Lean with Irish and international clients.

To find out more about Lean, the Enterprise Ireland Offer and ETAC, we are hosting a breakfast briefing at the new Aviva Stadium on Tuesday October 12th from 7.30am till 9.00am. This event is limited to 30 places. To register for this event, please click here.

ETAC have been providing Lean consultancy and training over the past 5 years to Irish businesses including Abtran, DAA, Diageo, Coca Cola, Élan, Element Six, Forest Tosara, GN Resound, Irish Distillers, Lexmark, & Pepsi.
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Lean is a business philosophy that aims to continuously optimise the time between a client’s order and service delivery through the elimination of cost, complexity and time.
The approach is customer-focussed, process-focussed and time-focussed.

Enterprise Ireland Lean Business Offer

The Enterprise Ireland Lean Business Offer aims to encourage clients to adopt and imbed lean business principles in their organisation, thereby, leading to increased business performance, productivity and competitiveness.

There are three programmes on offer:

LeanStart LeanPlus LeanTransform

Why Choose ETAC?
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ETAC have been helping clients to introduce lean techniques through training and consultancy since 2006. Our team are highly qualified and bring a wealth of practical business experience to each programme.
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Breakfast Briefing, 7.30am till 9.00am

Aviva Stadium,

Dublin 4

Tuesday October 12th, 2010

Registration from 7.30am.

  • Introduction to Lean
  • Enterprise Ireland Offer
  • Introducing ETAC

To register, please click here

Phone: 01 484 6580


PDC Centre,

Docklands Innovation Park,

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