Process Improvement

Lean • Six Sigma • Skillnets • Enterprise Ireland • IDA

Lean Business

  • Release the potential of your workforce
  • Focus on customers requirements – identify value and waste
  • Make your processes flow to fulfil requirements.
  • Significant returns in Manufacturing, Service & Healthcare organisations.

Six Sigma

  • A  business process improvement methodology.
  • A customer-centred, systematic, data driven way for doing things better.
  • 10-day Green Belt programme towards ASQ certification.
  • Examinations in Dublin each June and December.


  • Offered through Skillnets
  • The Lean Business programme is delivered by ETAC.
  • Subsidised cost per business is fixed at €4,000 for up to 3 staff.
  • Training, on-site support & certification would normally cost over €10,000.

Programme details:

  • 5 day programmes + 8 half days on-site running over 12 weeks
  • Limited to 4 businesses per programme with up to 3 participants per business
  • Each participant selects one process for improvement
  • Participants can submit their work for a QQI Level 5 award

Enterprise Ireland / IDA

  • Lean business programme on offer to clients.
  • LeanStart, LeanPlus and LeanTransform are subsidised through the state agencies.
  • ETAC are an approved service provider to deliver these programmes.

Programme details:

  • LeanStart – 7-day – introduce Lean thinking to the business
  • LeanPlus – Up to €70,000 spend subsidised up to 50% – deliver significant process improvement in the business
  • LeanTransform – Over €100,000 expenditure – embed Lean culture in an organization

Current Training programmes and workshops

DUBLIN Lean Programme

16th April 2018


IDA & Enterprise Ireland

2017 Lean business funding



All Training Courses


A one-day introduction to Lean Thinking for your team.

1 day

An executive overview of both process improvement techniques and applications.

½ day

Enhances the level of management capability in Irish firms.

5 days

A 4 day Lean Tools programme run over one week.

4 days

A 2 day introduction to Lean process improvement for team members.

2 days

1 day team based programme for process improvement.

1 day

Implement pull systems for materials or information in your organization.

1 day

Minimize the critical non-value add time in your operations.

1 day

Optimize your workplace organization.

1 day

A technique to clearly visualize your processes.

1 day

Six Sigma

Successfully complete projects through the practical applications and techniques.

2 days

Leading a process improvement project.

8 days

An introduction to this popular statistical software.

1 day

Enterprise Ireland / IDA

Introductory grant-assisted programme supported by Enterprise Ireland and IDA.

7 days

Assist companies to deepen their capability in business improvement methodologies.

55 days

Other Courses

More effective

  • Our courses are classroom based and can be supplemented with onsite mentoring and workshops.
  • Courses can be run on-site and can incorporate specific projects where possible.
  • The courses outlined above are standard courses.
  • ETAC can develop a customised Lean or Six Sigma training package to meet your requirements.