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Excellent results from the latest Lean programme – one place remaining for September

So what happens on a Lean Business programme?

It has been our pleasure to train and mentor this group. They completed the 2018 Spring training programme last month.

Let me introduce the group and briefly describe their results to date:
  1. Peter works in a label support area. He implemented a system for label distribution and return. This eliminated 75% of the time that the process had previously taken.
  2. Brian works in the packaging area. Applying the SMED technique, he reduced changeover time by 17% in the 3 months.  More improvements to follow!
  3. Gavin is a warehouse supervisor. His team have already reduced the average pick time by 13% with a re-organisation of the pick lists.
  4. Eoin works in Site Operations. He has standardised how the business will role out 5s workplace organisation to the new process areas.
  5. Bernard works in the test lab. He has established material receipt processes to achieve 90% of batches tested within 5 days of arriving on site..
  6. Sergio works in Customer Operations. He tackled Change Control and Deviations Lead Time. Mapping the current process shows an average 98-day lead time. The proposed future state establishes a 32-day standard.
  7. Adrian is Chief Operations Officer. He tackled lost sales as a result of stock-outs. This was at 4.6% for 2017. In 2018 YTD, the team have reduced these losses 3.5% (24% improvement) working with their suppliers and better forecasting processes.
  8. Maggie works in Artwork Management. She led a cross functional team to tackle the lead time for regulatory artwork approval. Only 74% of submissions meet the current lead-time agreement. Working with an international group, a new process has been outlined to achieve the lead time and improve the right first time approval rate.
  9. Mariska works in distribution and tackled order processing lead time. Unfortunately, due to business pressures and staffing issues, Mariska was unable to complete the programme. She will return to complete her project at a future date (she promises!).
  10. Gavin applied lean thinking and analysis to the variation of product sales across the sales regions. Product training and knowledge, standard sales process and merchandising and categorising sites were all key factors identified. Despite taking sales time out to complete the lean programme and tasks, Gavin also managed to increase his sales in the quarter!
    Three of the group missed the photo opportunity!
  11. Emma works in the lab and tackled sample turn-round time. Samples can have a lead-time of over 90 days. Re-organising the schedule and tracker, applying 5s to the samples in the fridge and applying kanban to key supplies make it possible to achieve a target of <32 days (23rd May to release on 22nd June)
  12. Paul worked with a client on his project – a vegetable grower and managed to improve the productivity of the packing area by 23%.
  13. Cormac works in the manufacturing area and has applied SMED to reduce the line changeover time by 61%.
Different functions

It is fantastic to see Lean applied across many different functions in the businesses that took part. The individuals generally had no previous knowledge of Lean techniques and delivered significant improvements.

Early results

Implementation typically comes towards the end of the period so results are likely to significantly improve with time.

Try it in your business

You may be interested in applying Lean thinking to any part of your business and putting these ideas into place?

Only one place remaining

There is only one business place (3 participants from the business) remaining on the next Dublin Lean Business programme. The programme commences on Monday September 10th.

Click here for details.


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