Steve Halpin

Lean Trainer and Mentor

Niamh Doherty

Lean Trainer and Mentor

Claudio Perrone

Agile Sensei and Mentor

James Raleigh

Lean Consultant and Mentor

John Geoghegan

Lean Trainer and Mentor

Eilish Henry

Organisational Change

Fiona Reynolds

Course Administrator

Carmelo Cordaro

Six Sigma Coach & Mentor

About ETAC Solutions: Our Team and Associates

What We Do

ETAC Limited is an Irish Company based in Dublin. We offer training and coaching on Lean Business Improvement.

The company have implemented Lean programmes with a wide variety of clients in the manufacturing and service sectors.

We aim to help you and your staff to simplify your processes and improve the client experience.

Our Lean consultants can advise on the use of relevant process improvement tools such as Process Mapping, Workplace Organisation, Team-based process improvement, TPM, SMED, Kanban and Pull Systems.

Our Approach

ETAC provide a wide range of Lean business training programmes.

In the past



we have run over


Lean Business programmes

Engaged over


business groups

and delivered in excess of



ETAC can assist companies with communications, development of strategic objectives, and identification of opportunities for improvement as well as project management and benefit tracking strategies.

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