Lean Training Approach

Expertise, Strategy, Consulting and Implementation

Building a Lean Culture

The Lean training approach is that we act as coaches — your team implements the program. To facilitate this, we would recommend a steering group, consisting of senior members of the organisation. The program will require one or more internal co-ordinators

The challenge to implement lean is never the same in any two businesses. To assist us to implement lean with you, we’ll need to explore

  • Your business goals and strategy
  • Current performance
  • Your organisation type, structure and culture
  • Your processes and available data
  • Key cost drivers
  • Performance monitoring systems and reporting
  • Customer satisfaction and Quality Systems
  • Materials management and available data
  • Supplier performance
  • Layout and interfaces
  • Current understanding of Lean
  • Lean expertise within the business

Your Requirements

We consider your communication strategy, measurement approach and training requirements.

Our training approach is very interactive, involving your staff through action-based activities. Your staff will help identify the key processes to be optimised. The steering group will prioritise and resource selected improvement areas. Change management is often a key element in the implementation approach. We will help identify ‘quick wins’ and pilot projects to give the programme some momentum, but critically identify the necessary longer term projects required to deliver customer value and deliver bottom line results.

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