“Learning about Lean has given me a new insight into how our business works, and has given me fantastic ideas on how we can do things in a new way”
“Lean shows you how to simplify the problem, break down each process step and understand how to communicate these issues and solutions to senior management.”
“The trainers were excellent at helping us along the way to implement our project with little disruption.”
“The course was very enjoyable, interactive and informative. I have used some of the Lean skills in my personal and professional life”
“The examples of teamwork and the mentor sessions add tremendous value to the overall course and teach how to use Lean tools in day-to-day life and work.”
“The trainers and mentors bring a wealth of business acumen and experience of successful Lean initiatives.”
“This Lean business programme taught me to take time out, evaluate processes and look for improvements”
“It was evident that the Kaizen approach of looking for business improvements must be part of our culture”