Lean Case Studies

Build a Lean Culture

Lean Case studies have delivered

  • 93% drop in field failures
  • 28% improvement in efficiency
  • 5% higher first pass yields
  • 72% scrap reduction
  • 69% inventory reduction

Lean Manufacture

Mark Éire

The changes that have taken place on my assembly line are resounding — our area now looks quite spectacular.

Murt O’Sullivan, Line Foreman, Mark Eire, Industrial Heating and Heat Pumps Manufacturers.

Mark Climate Technology logo

Nobody likes being told what to do and that’s where my problem was in the past when lean was first introduced to the company. You feel “is he telling you that you’re not doing this job right even though you’ve been doing it for 15 years”.

You learn more if you look at it yourself and see what’s involved. The next step is to get everybody involved. We all realise that Lean is a method to improve our productivity and quality. My co-workers can see the differences these changes make to their job.

When you stand back and look at things, you can see that you’re doing so many simple things wrong!

You see things as a problem that you wouldn’t before. I find that even in the making of sub-assemblies, it’s easier to have a shadow board there, your tools there and a special area for the specific assembly.


Your Partner for: air heating, radiant heating, ventilation and recirculation equipment, air conditioning, heat and bending machines.

Lean Finance

Micro Bio

Every process can be changed. Once you map it out, you can re-organise it and there’s always room for improvement.

Tony Ryan, Finance Director at Micro Bio, explains how Lean Thinking got the whole finance team involved in the end-of-month close to deliver significant change to the business.

Micro-Bio logo

Another board meeting approaches and the clock ticks towards midnight. The final numbers are not what were expected. Further commentary is required; another long night ahead.

The end-of-month activity is a process like any other. Once the team identified and captured what was happening, they began to work on bringing their final report back from Day 12 to Day 4 within two months and are targeting even further improvements.

The Lean program enabled us to streamline our month end close process in a way that is now much more team based, focused and efficient with a significant reduction in time taken.

The result is a team who is less focused on measuring the past. The finance team is now actively engaged in implementing better systems and delivering better value to their customers.

Micro Bio is an independent Irish chemical manufacturing company producing Caustic Soda Liquor, hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite, potassium hydroxide and sulphuric acid solutions.

Lean Pharmacy

McSharry’s Pharmacy

Lean is actually simple. It is just a matter of thinking and following through and continuously improving.

Louise Treacy, Store Supervisor, McSharry Pharmacy, Galway, on the road to developing the perfect workflow in the dispensary with the team at Westside.

McSharry's Pharmacy logo

Things can get pretty busy at Westside pharmacy. Prescriptions can take up to 20 minutes to dispense depending on the time of day, complexity of the order and any issues.

The result is a “traffic light” system of operation, which has streamlined the dispensary, ensuring that prescriptions are processed with minimum fuss and less effort resulting in more time for patient care.

It’s not everyday that you’ll see an expectant Pharmacy supervisor — with a drill in her hand — in a busy dispensary on a Tuesday, but this is a ManagementWorks Lean programme!

“What we learnt is how important it is to have all of your team involved.”

McSharry’s Pharmacy offers expert advice on a wide range of services from skin analysis and make-up advice to weight loss programmes, smoking cessation and travel advice including the holiday packs. Located in Galway, Athenry, Castlerea and Athlone.

Lean Co-Op

LisaVaird Co-Operative Creamery Ltd.

In everything we’re doing, you could see areas that needed improvement, but you didn’t know how to deal with this and Lean has given us the tools.

Eleanor Hayes, Dairy Manager, LisaVaird Co-Op, on the new tools learnt to deliver improvements within the group.

LisaVaird co-op logo

We reduced our milk fleet by one unit which created huge savings in fuel costs, depreciation and maintenance. All drivers now work 6 days a week for twenty six weeks of the year and five days a week for the remainder so bringing them into line with work directive rules

In everything we were doing, we could see areas that needed improvement, but you didn’t know how to deal with this and Lean has given us the tools.

We had never heard of Kanban before. We hadn’t heard of 5s. There are a lot of areas it can be applied to.

“There are a lot of areas it can be applied to, and by using the methods shown to us during the last number of months such as Kaizen, which brings people together to plan what to do, implement it, check it is working and then standardise improvements.”

LisaVaird Co-Op was established in 1925 by a group of local farmers around Clonakilty to market their produce and to purchase their inputs at the best possible terms. Our customer base has now extended to the wider West Cork Community, to which we supply a wide range of goods for the farm, household, building, garden and much more.

Lean Logistics

Jenkinson Logistics

I was a bit sceptical at first, as I tend to be from time to time.

Damian Guirke, Director at Jenkinson Logistics, explains how Lean Thinking got the team to question why things were done the way they always have been done.

Jenkinson logistics logo

Every Sunday evening, another Container Vessel arrives into Dublin port to be handled by the team at Jenkinson Logistics. It will take weeks to reconcile all freight and cargo summaries.

The team makes a valiant effort to clear as much paperwork as possible before the next ship arrives. Their ManagementWorks Lean project engaged the inbound team to apply Lean Thinking to this complex process.

The biggest thing for me was to get back out to the desk, sit down, look at the process that we’ve had in place for years, because it was always done that way — in reality — it doesn’t work.

The result was a streamlined process to enable all paperwork to be processed within a week.

Jenkinson Logistics is an Irish company operating in air freight, sea freight, road freight, project shipments, warehousing / logistics and freight management.