Case Study: Earth’s Edge

Industry Sector: Earth’s Edge is a travel company based in Dublin, Ireland.  They specialise in high altitude trekking, mountaineering and tri-adventure expeditions to some of the most stunning locations in the world.

Result:  Following completion of our LEAN training and mentoring programme, the company implemented new software which cut 80% of the manual work for their customer service team.  Earth’s Edge achieved savings of €24,000 pa.

I would highly recommend the programme, it is excellent value for money and the results are very impressive.  The key is having the time and the motivation to implement the learnings.

Case Study: Klimmek-Furniture

Industry Sector: Klimmek-Furniture design and handcraft furniture for businesses and homes in Ireland.  They build everything from boardroom tables to dining tables, reception desks to coffee tables, all from their workshop in Dublin.  Their mission is to design and handcraft exquisite pieces of furniture that will last a life time.

Result:  A management system was implemented so that workers took responsibility for their time/task management.  This allowed the operation to run smoothly, increasing capacity by 20% and  achieving savings of €25,000 pa.

Thanks again to Ed and Steve for your input on this project which has been invaluable.  Your involvement in the mentoring sessions has also has been key in getting the guys to buy into the process because.  It allowed me to step back and gave the team the space to voice opinions and make suggestions more freely.  The implementation of the new time control system, which allows us to track budget overruns on a daily basis, has been a key factor in the process of getting the team to understand and be involved in the daily process to reduce budget over and under runs.  It’s an ongoing process to embed this new system and project management board in the daily routine, but we have progressed a long way.

In a way the 5S system has probably been the easiest to get buy in from everyone as, as you have pointed out, it is easy for us to make the required physical changes to furniture and workspaces, to quickly show the benefits of the system.

I strongly feel that once all the changes are fully embedded and in place we will be in a much better position to expand our staff again and scale the business into the future.

Case Study: Light Solutions

Industry Sector: Founded in 2005, Light Solutions are experts in Emergency Lighting Safety Systems.  They offer a Design and Commissioning Service along with providing Emergency Lighting, Energy Saving Lighting, LED Emergency Lighting and Emergency Lighting Conversion products/services to both Irish & International markets.

Result:  By automating the over/under of actual v plan costs, this allowed the manager to work on site with customers delivering complex solutions.  This increases customer engagement and satisfaction, along with a saving of €5,000 p.a.

The LEAN program was very enjoyable and informative.  The training was full of practical tips and the interactive approach was excellent.  I found the interactive element and the suggestions on how I could do things differently to improve were most beneficial.

Case Study: New Horizons Ireland

Industry Sector: New Horizons Dublin offers computer training and are authorised training partners for Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe, CompTIA & more.

Result: Savings were not our goal of the training.  It was to increase capacity and to reduce risk of lost/wasted purchases which has nearly been completely reduced/removed from the organisation.  The environment for the sales team has improved as they are less stressed and this does have a unquantifiable but positive impact to the business.  The company’s capacity has increased by 25% but feel once the new processes are completed and staff get used to the processes then they should be increase capacity up to 100% over 3 to 6 months.

I would highly recommend the LEAN program to anyone, in any business.  We initially had concerns about being service oriented (training business) with no manufacturing elements but all concerns where cleared one the first session.  From that first session we implemented improvements to our business and started removing inefficiencies.  The process of documenting and working through the process for an element of our business helps us understand the process so that we are able to scale those skills to our whole business.  What goes beyond other training options are the mentoring sessions.  These 5 mentoring sessions make the whole thing practical and bring it into the real world.  That sets it apart from other training events where you head off at the end of a day and start to forget about what you covered.  These mentoring sessions helped us to implement changes in our business which increased our efficiency.  LEAN gave us a scalable model to improve and streamline our business.

Case Study: Stacks Pharmacy

Industry Sector:  This pharmacy chain are a family business, along with all the dedicated staff who work in their community-based pharmacies day by day.

Result: Having completed the LEAN training course, this organisation achieved savings of €15,000 and 25% improvement in productivity.

We found that the LEAN programme has been invaluable to us in understanding our processes, resulting in improved efficiencies and savings on costs.

Case Study: Storage Systems Limited

Industry Sector: Storage Systems Limited has been the premier supplier of industrial and commercial storage solutions in Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland.  Their storage solutions of shelving and racking are superb and are designed to the best of international standards.

Result: The programme to date has delivered measurable savings, €15,000 in 2019 since the course.  The company has had significant time saving which has driven efficiency in the business.   Their order process and estimating process has increased efficiency but more importantly for them, everything is transparent with the reduction of gate keepers.

I attended the LEAN Programme in Dublin held by ETAC Limited.  As a Managing Director of a SME I found the course and its content superb.  I must congratulate Steven Halpin and his team for a providing a fascinating insight into the world of LEAN.  The onsite mentoring was an invaluable experience for myself, management team and staff.  We have implemented many of the teachings and findings into our business today and I would highly recommend this programme to all SME’s.

Case Study: MCS Computers Limited

Industry Sector:  MCS InTegrated Solutions serve the computing and software needs of Irish companies.  More than four decades later, the company and offering has grown and embraced the many and various technologies and applications that can help businesses to flourish. From business intelligence and financial tracking to CRM systems, they provide an end-to-end system and customised solutions as required.  This company offers solutions (both hardware and software) and support to help integrate those solutions into a single cohesive system.

Result: The objective was to get visibility on where customer support effort was being consumed – by product and by customer.  An additional 3% on profit margin of customer support was achieved.

When I commenced the LEAN program, I was looking from my customers view point and how we can do things better for our customers.  But the course made me think about how we in MCS can improve the processes which I thought were good, to always find a better way to improve your own processes.  The method of delivering the workshop has helped us in delivering business review process to our clients and made us realise what we are delivering to our customers.

Case Study: Wordwell Publishing Group

Industry Sector: The Wordwell Group, established in 1986, is the publisher of History IrelandArchaeology Ireland and Books Ireland magazines, alongside Wordwell Books and, as of 2019, Eastwood Books.  The group has been at the heart of Irish cultural life for more than three decades, publishing in collaboration with the National Museum of Ireland, the National Library of Ireland, the OPW, the Department of Culture, Heritage & the Gaeltacht, TII, the Decade of Centenaries and the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage, together with many of Ireland’s finest authors in the fields of history, heritage and archaeology.  Recent awards include winning the 2019 Nilsson Heritage Prize at the Listowel International Festival and being shortlisted for Irish Small Press of the Year at the Bookseller Awards 2019.

Result:  Since completing the LEAN programme, Wordwell achieved savings of €12,000 pa.  The company has approximately 20% improved efficiency in subscription based membership.

I would highly recommend the LEAN programme to anyone, in any business.