Process Improvement

Lean • Six Sigma • Skillnets • Enterprise Ireland • IDA

Lean Business

  • Release the potential of your workforce
  • Focus on customers requirements – identify value and waste
  • Make your processes flow to fulfil requirements.
  • Significant returns in Manufacturing, Service & Healthcare organisations.

Six Sigma

  • A  business process improvement methodology.
  • A customer-centred, systematic, data driven way for doing things better.
  • 10-day Green Belt programme towards ASQ certification.
  • Examinations in Dublin each June and December.


  • Offered through Skillnets
  • The Lean Business programme is delivered by ETAC.
  • Subsidised cost per business is fixed at €3,500 for up to 3 staff.
  • Training, on-site support & certification would normally cost over €10,000.

Programme details:

  • 5 day programmes + 8 half days on-site running over 12 weeks
  • Limited to 4 businesses per programme with up to 3 participants per business
  • Each participant selects one process for improvement
  • Participants can submit their work for a QQI Level 5 award

Enterprise Ireland / IDA

  • Lean business programme on offer to clients.
  • LeanStart, LeanPlus and LeanTransform are subsidised through the state agencies.
  • ETAC are an approved service provider to deliver these programmes.

Programme details:

  • LeanStart – 7-day – introduce Lean thinking to the business
  • LeanPlus – Up to €70,000 spend subsidised up to 50% – deliver significant process improvement in the business
  • LeanTransform – Over €100,000 expenditure – embed Lean culture in an organization

Current Training programmes and workshops

DUBLIN Lean Programme

28th August 2017


CARLOW Lean Programme

6th September 2017


CORK Lean Programme

30th August 2017


Lean Introduction for Senior Managers

Summer 2017

All Regions

IDA & Enterprise Ireland

2017 Lean business funding



All Training Courses


A one-day introduction to Lean Thinking for your team.

1 day

An executive overview of both process improvement techniques and applications.

½ day

Enhances the level of management capability in Irish firms.

5 days

A 4 day Lean Tools programme run over one week.

4 days

A 2 day introduction to Lean process improvement for team members.

2 days

1 day team based programme for process improvement.

1 day

Implement pull systems for materials or information in your organization.

1 day

Minimize the critical non-value add time in your operations.

1 day

Optimize your workplace organization.

1 day

A technique to clearly visualize your processes.

1 day

Six Sigma

Successfully complete projects through the practical applications and techniques.

2 days

Leading a process improvement project.

8 days

An introduction to this popular statistical software.

1 day

Enterprise Ireland / IDA

Introductory grant-assisted programme supported by Enterprise Ireland and IDA.

7 days

Assist companies to deepen their capability in business improvement methodologies.

55 days

Other Courses

More effective

  • Our courses are classroom based and can be supplemented with onsite mentoring and workshops.
  • Courses can be run on-site and can incorporate specific projects where possible.
  • The courses outlined above are standard courses.
  • ETAC can develop a customised Lean or Six Sigma training package to meet your requirements.