Over 1200 Lean Projects

Over 1200 Lean projects have been supported to date by Enterprise Ireland. (as of October 2018)

  • LeanStart projects yielding an average savings of €55k
  • LeanPlus Plus programmes yielding an average savings of €145k
  • LeanTransform programmes delivering significant savings

Provider since 2010

ETAC Limited have been an Enterprise Ireland training provider since 2010.

Our team have developed LeanStart (up to €3150 grant of €6300 cost), LeanPlus (up to 50% of costs up to €75,000) and LeanTransform (up to 50% of costs of over €100,000).

IDA Lean Offer – Brochure

The IDA Business Development & Client Networking Division, in partnership with EI and IDA’s Corporate Communications Team, have designed a brochure outlining IDA Ireland’s Lean/Green Business Offer & Competitiveness Benchmark to client companies engaged in both manufacturing and services activities.
A pdf version of the brochure is attached. http://www.etacsolutions.com/downloads/160426IDALeanGreenBusinessOffer.pdf

Evaluation of Enterprise Ireland Lean Business Offer

  • Lean projects delivered immediate benefits to participating companies.
  • 77% reported improvements in productivity and / or capacity increases in their final project reports.
  • On average, every year after the approval of a grant that was drawn down, Lean client companies had an annual productivity value that was of the order of €37,000 per employee higher than companies in the matched control group. This represents an increase of 20%.
  • The econometric analysis on sales and employment and the survey outputs also provide strong evidence for improved productivity leading to increased competitiveness which, in turn, will lead to increased sales, exports and employment.
  • From: Lean Business Offers report


  • 7 days
  • Over 8 weeks
  • Cost reduction project
  • Basic Lean principles
  • Cost: €6,300
  • IDA Grant: €5,000
  • EI Grant: €3,150 (reduced from July 1st 2015)


  • 30 days +
  • Over 6 months
  • Significant use of Lean techniques
  • Significant productivity improvement
  • Cost of up to €70,000
  • Grant of up to 50% + Lean Champion support


  • Project duration: 1 – 2 years
  • Company-wide transformation
  • Sustainable programme established
  • Costs > €100k
  • As set by IC – circa 50%