Product Description

A one-day introduction to TPM (Total Preventative Maintenance) or Asset Care

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“You firmly believe that sound management means executives on the one side and workers on the other, on the one side men who think and on the other side men who only work”
– Konusuke Matsushita.


Course Overview

Asset Care is a new way of looking at maintenance. In TPM those who use a process perform much of the general maintenance. This autonomous maintenance ensures that regular maintenance and checks are carried out routinely.

One way to think of TPM is “deterioration prevention” as opposed to fixing processes. This can focus the work of the traditional maintenance team on improved process design and modifications to improve reliability and performance.

The workshop details the typical downtime losses associated with assets (machinery, systems or services) and the steps required to move towards autonomous maintenance. At the completion of the workshop, the participants will know how TPM Programmes are structured and how to adapt them to their own organisations.


Who should attend?

Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders and personnel involved in Process Improvement.


“A real bonus I have achieved from this new approach is that I have become more skilled at discussing problems with our staff and uncovering the solutions together” – Lorraine, Office Manager


What will I learn?

  • How TPM differs from traditional maintenance
  • How to adapt TPM practices to your own organisation
  • Successful TPM implementation
  • The importance of measurement of asset performance



  • What is Asset Care
  • 6 big losses
  • Measuring Asset performance
  • 7 steps to autonomous asset care
  • Asset Care & 5s
  • Implementing an asset care programme
  • Internal & External activities
  • Typical Results



1 day


Assessment and Certification

ETAC certificate of attendance.