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  • Kanban

Kanban and Pull Systems (1 day)

Kanban uses a signal to trigger the movement, production, or supply of a unit of material or information.


Product Description

The Kanban Lean pull system to manage inventory

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“Kanban is like the milkman. Your Mam didn’t give the milkman a schedule. Your Mam didn’t use MRP. She simply put the empties on the front steps and the milkman replenished them. That is the essence of a pull system” — Ernie Smith

Course Overview

Kanban is a signalling system to trigger action. A signal is used to trigger the movement, production, or supply of a unit of material or information. In the late 1940s, Toyota was studying supermarkets with a view to applying some of their management techniques to their work. This interest came about because in a supermarket the customer can get what is needed at the time needed in the amount needed. The supermarket only stocks what it believes it will sell and the customer only takes what they need because future supply is assured. This led Toyota to view earlier processes, to that in focus, as a kind of store. The process goes to this store to get its needed components and the store then replenishes those components. It is the rate of this replenishment, which is controlled by kanban that gives the permission to produce.

The workshop presents the concept of the kanban and how it can be used to control items in a process. The workshop demonstrates how kanban is designed to supply what is required, when it is required.

Who should attend?

The programme is aimed at any personnel engaging in business process improvement.

“You will see huge improvements in your workflow, stock management and much more. This is an excellent, informative course, which I thoroughly enjoyed” — Edel, Pharmacist

What will I learn?

  • How pull systems can replace traditional re-ordering systems
  • How a disciplined approach can ensure no shortages whilst minimizing work-in-progress
  • How to design a kanban system, train people in its operation, and calculate kanban quantities


  • Why Pull?
  • The Problem of too much work in progress
  • The concept of Just In Time (JIT)
  • Kanban
  • Benefits of JIT
  • Types of Kanban
  • Implementing Kanban systems
  • One Piece Flow
  • Demand / Pull


1 day

Assessment and Certification

ETAC certificate of attendance.

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