Product Description

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“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.

Lewis Carroll

Course Overview

All good Lean programmes start with a clear vision of what success might look like.

Time spent strategically charting our course from the present to that vision provides long-term guidance to our process improvements. Done well, it will define the behaviours of our staff and provide guidance on the key measures to keep everyone informed on progress.

Who should attend?

The programme is aimed at senior management in any business.

“Lean has allowed our business approach the reduction and elimination of wastes within our processes in a structured way that harnesses the energy of staff in a positive & safe environment. It has led to improvements in our services that will allow us to compete more effectively and offer Clients additional value.” — Ciaran, Director, Civil Engineering and Infrastructure

What will I learn?

  • Your business priority areas and how to align the operation in support of the strategy
  • How to agree key objectives, targets and measures (or KPIs) for the business.
  • How to review current performance and how to gather feedback.
  • Agree critical focus areas and the role of a lean programme.
  • Implementation and mobilising change


  • Aims & Introductions
  • High performance management team exercise
  • Taking stock – Feedback: Hopes: Concerns: Expectations:
  • A dialogue to invite feedback and share views on current performance
  • How high performance management team link strategy to local objectives
  • Some best-practice examples
  • Align: Strategy > cascade of key objectives
  • To grow and prosper – A look at our strengths and areas for improvement
  • How / Where does Lean support the solution          
  • High performance management team energiser exercise
  • Priority areas for attention
  • A best practice model for managing change 
  • Management Change Plan  
  • Summary & Next steps


1 day