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Lean Business programme – 12 weeks

The Lean Business course is available to any company based in Ireland only. The programme is delivered through Taste4Success Skillnet. Up to three members of staff per company can participate. Successful completion leads to a QQI Level 5 award.


Product Description

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“Improvement usually means doing something that we have never done before.” — Shigeo Shingo”

Course Overview

A 12 week programme involving 5 offsite sessions and 8 onsite mentor visits. This programme aims to introduce Lean business into any organisation through the delivery of process improvements.
The aim is to engage staff to deliver their solutions through the application of Lean Tools.

Who should attend?

Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders and personnel involved in Process Improvement should attend the ManagementWorks Lean training course.

“It showed me that there were lots of things we do as a service business which are processes but they weren’t being treated as such and weren’t being reviewed, questioned and improved regularly — Niamh, Strategic Projects Manager

10 skills I will learn?

  • How to assess my organization against the 5 principles and 10 wastes
  • Project terms of reference
  • How to run a Kaizen event
  • The 8-step process improvement methodology
  • How to see my business as a process with Value Stream Mapping
  • The 5s approach to workplace organisation
  • The control of material or information with Kanban
  • Reduce changeover or critical time windows with SMED
  • How to define standard practice with Standard Work
  • Ensure better efficiency with an Asset Care programme

Outline: Lean Business training course

  • Mentor Session 1: Course Preparation and Project Selection
  • Day 1: The 5 Principles of Lean – Defining customer value – The 10 wastes – Business Simulation
  • Day 2: 8-step problem-solving – Kaizen
  • Mentor Session 2: Project Charter & Supporting Data
  • Mentor Session 3: Kaizen & Countermeasures
  • Day 3: Value Stream Mapping – 5S workplace organisation – Kanban and the Pull System
  • Mentor Session 4: VSM
  • Mentor Session 5: 5s & Kanban
  • Day 4: Changeovers and Critical Window – Standard Work – Asset Care
  • Mentor Session 6: SMED & Asset Care
  • Mentor Session 7: Project Evaluation & Standardisation
  • Mentor Session 8: Final presentation preparation
  • Day 5: Project Presentations


5 classroom days.
8 half-day mentor visits
Programme duration is over 12 weeks

Assessment and Certification

QQI Award NFQ Level 5

Additional Information


Jan 14th 2019 Dublin, Sept 10th 2018 Dublin


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