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Problem Solving (1 day)

A 1-day introduction to lean problem solving


Product Description

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Course Overview

8 Step- Problem Solving – give your staff a systematic approach to “thinking” that follows the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) Management System. This process lays the foundation for all staff to look at problems and gives team members concrete actions to implement using the methodology.

A3 reports provide the team a summarised document in order to share the “need to know” information about their systematic approach to the problem tackled. The report format we provide will follow the 8-step problem solving approach and provide a roadmap for coaching.

This tool helps to standardise a tried and trusted approach that has been applied in many of the world’s leading businesses. The approach ensures that there is a discipline to ensure that issues are fully understood and that root causes are identified prior to implementation of a solution. Solutions must be evaluated and as improvements are made or issues are eliminated, the new practice is standardised.

This workshop presents the concepts, tools and techniques involved in implementing 8-step or A3 problem solving, providing many examples in use in organisations today.

Who should attend?

Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders and personnel involved in process improvement.


  • An understanding of the concept of problem solving and how these ideas can be incorporated to improve all processes.
  • A detailed description of the most common tools employed in assessing and implementing problem solving.
  • To ensure that participants can clearly outline an issue for improvement, present data to support the case, apply root cause analysis techniques and implement, evaluate and standardise solutions.


      • • Problem Solving Approaches
      • • Clarify the Problem
      • • Break Down the Problem
      • • Set A Target to Achieve
      • • Analyse the Root Cause
      • • Develop Countermeasures
      • • Implement Countermeasures
      • • Evaluate Results & Process
      • • Standardise Success, Learn from failures


1 day

Assessment and Certification

ETAC certificate of attendance.

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