Product Description

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Course Overview

How many errors are caused by ‘human error’ which could be avoided. How much experience is ‘lost’ when staff leave a business. How much risk do we take when employing new staff?

Standard Work aims to pool the experience of the staff doing a process into developing the best ways of delivering the process.

Our customers will determine the ‘value-add’ of any process. Our staff will develop the best methods to deliver this value through process optimisation.

Standard Work captures the best and smartest ways to deliver our products and services.

Who should attend?

The programme is aimed at any personnel engaging in business process improvement.

“Lean has allowed our business approach the reduction and elimination of wastes within our processes in a structured way that harnesses the energy of staff in a positive & safe environment. It has led to improvements in our services that will allow us to compete more effectively and offer Clients additional value.” — Ciaran, Director, Civil Engineering and Infrastructure

What will I learn?

  • How to capture the best methods to deliver our processes and establish a baseline for continuous improvement.


  • Observation of the current process with process staff
  • Do we have a standard?
  • Customer demand
  • Takt time & Cycle time
  • Agree on a method.
  • Workplace Organisation & visualisation
  • Planning & Pull.
  • Documentation / Monitor / Training / Control


1 day

Assessment and Certification

ETAC certificate of attendance.