Only for Manufacturing?

You may have thought that Lean process improvement was only relevant to manufacturing staff?

It has been our pleasure to train and mentor this group who completed the 2017 Spring training programme last week.

A Diverse Group

Let me introduce the group and briefly describe their results to date:

  • Louise works in Finance and managed to uncover potential savings of almost €40k per year from the process for contracted work.
  • Amanda works in Customer Service and used Lean to reduce UK backorders from 17% to 0.6% and fulfil 99.4% of all orders within 24 hours.
  • Kevin was our manufacturing representative and applied 5s, Kanban, SMED and Asset Care to improve the efficiency of his production area.
  • Rosie works in Finance and applied Lean thinking reduce reporting time for all sites from 3 days to 1 day and eliminated some significant system errors whilst doing so.
  • Thomas works in Supply Chain and applied Lean thinking with his team to achieve lead-time reductions from his Far East Supply base. His pilot programme with a key supplier has already yielded an 8-day improvement.
  • lean-business-programme
  • Denise works as PA to the General Manager and applied Lean thinking to reverse a downward trend in sales with Irish customers.
  • Christine works in Product Registration. Her project was to reduce the lead time of processing a new application request from the commercial team. Products requiring an updated GAP took 55 days.  – this is now estimated to take 15 days in future.
  • Nigel works in Estimation and has applied Lean thinking to increase output by 44% and reduced backlog by 46% to date.
  • Andy prepares orders for printing and has reduced orders in his area by 38% and increased the value-add time of his process from 40% to over 50% – a 25% increase in capacity!
  • One of the group was on holiday – Lorraine works in Finance and tackled the customer returns process. In 3 months, an additional 20% of returns costs have been reclaimed, the number of processed claims has increased by 20%, the number of outstanding returns in the Irish business is at a third of what it was at the start of the year and the aim is to reduce the overall process lead-time by 50%.

We are very proud of the improvements that this group have achieved in 3 months. The programme carries certification and their work will be submitted for a QQI award.

You may be interested in applying Lean thinking to your business and putting these ideas into place?

The ETAC Lean Business programme is running at various locations in Ireland.

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